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Introducing Simply Automated, Incorporated;
“Low-Cost Home Automation Made Simple”

SAN DIEGO, CA – November 10, 2003 – , Simply Automated, Incorporated announces the formation of their company whose mission is the development and manufacturing of home automation products that are affordable, self-installable and reconfigurable, enabling an automated environment in homes and offices with "no new wires".

“We at Simply Automated are pioneering new ways for consumers and do-it-yourselfers to upgrade their homes easily and cost-effectively, without installing new wiring” says Frederick Kiko, President. “Our products are based on low-cost emerging technologies that will allow consumers to improve the convenience, security and energy efficiency of their homes and offices, while at the same time adding value.”

To facilitate its initial product offering, Simply Automated has partnered with Powerline Control Systems (PCS) to provide products based on Universal Powerline Bus (UPB) technology. UPB provides a reliable, low-cost alternative to hard-wired or wireless control with little or no premises modification. UPB transmits control commands to various devices in the home over existing power circuits. The technology offers significant improvements in reliability and ease-of-deployment compared to previous powerline carrier strategies.

Simply Automated manufactures self-installable home automation products for retrofit and new construction applications.  Our new line of reliable UPB-based control modules reduces installation costs and enables customized automation and management of appliances, lighting and other devices in homes and small offices, without the need for additional wiring in the walls. For additional information we invite you to visit . Or you can contact us by phone during regular business hours at (800) 630-9234.


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