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Simply Automated Introduces the
SimplyBrilliant™ Family of UPB Dimming Wall Switches

SAN DIEGO, CA – September 7, 2004 – , Simply Automated, Incorporated expands its UPB (Universal Powerline Bus) product line once again with the introduction of the SimplyBrilliant™ family of UPB Dimming Wall Switches, providing ultra-reliable control of new and existing lighting fixtures, lamps, fans and other electrical devices in the home with no new wires.

Each SimplyBrilliant™ UPB Dimming Wall Switch has one rocker that controls a single load of up to 600W. Multi-rocker units also communicate with UPB plug-in modules and/or other UPB devices to control virtually anything that can be connected to existing wiring anywhere in the home.

“By separating the switch body from the rocker assemblies, we are able to kill two birds with one stone,” says Fred Kiko , President of Simply Automated. “Not only are inventory costs greatly reduced, but installers and savvy homeowners can actually convert their switches in the field -- changing the color and upgrading the functionality by simply swapping rocker assemblies.”

The SimplyBrilliant™ Family of UPB Dimming Wall Switches will be available in November, with an MSRP of $85-110. The new models include:

Switch Bases
US1-20 Single Dimmer, Full-Height Switch Body
US2-20 Single Dimmer, Half-Height Switch Body
USR Multi-Way Slave Switch Body

Rocker Assemblies
ZS11 Single Rocker for US1 or USR
ZS12 Dual Rocker (full-height) for US1 or USR
ZS22 Dual Rocker (half-height) for US2
ZS23 Triple Rocker for US2
ZS24 Quad Rocker for US2

Simply Automated products are based on the Universal Powerline Bus (UPB) technology developed by Powerline Control Systems, Inc. (PCS). UPB transmits control commands to various devices in the home over existing power circuits. The technology offers significant improvements in reliability and ease-of-deployment compared with previous powerline carrier strategies.

About Simply Automated, Incorporated
Simply Automated manufactures self-installable home automation products for retrofit and new construction applications.  Our new line of ultra-reliable UPB-based control modules reduces installation costs and enables customized automation and management of appliances, lighting and other devices in homes and small offices, without the need for additional wiring in the walls. For additional information we invite you to visit . Or you can contact us by phone during regular business hours at (800) 630-9234.


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