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Simply Automated Announces the Introduction of
a New Plug-in UPB Controller/Scheduler/Timer

SAN DIEGO, CA – March 29, 2006 –, Simply Automated, Incorporated
announces the introduction of their new UPB Controller Scheduler-Timer.

The Model UCS, UPB Controller Scheduler-Timer, was designed for ease of use and maximum
functionality. Once the unit is set for time, date and location (zip code or latitude and longitude)
there are only two displays needed to add devices and setup events. Once the Scheduler-Timer
has been set-up, the User can forget about it.

The Scheduler-Timer will automatically adjust time referenced to the nationally synchronized power
grid; it knows when daylight savings and leap years occur and even when the sun rises and sets for
your location. In the event of a power loss, the programs are stored in non-volatile memory and
will not be lost; and time will be maintained with power off for approximately one week.

Model UCS UPB Controller Scheduler-Timer features:

• Simple scheduling, no computer interface required
• Easy push button and display to set time and control devices (events)
• 250 individual device and 99 events for maximum scene flexibility
• Power line synchronized clock, ensures accuracy
• Calculates leap year, daylight savings and sunrise/sunset
• Schedule modes: ON, OFF, Vacation, All-ON and All-OFF
• Device events can function as: ON/OFF, dim and random
• Events can be programmed based on days of the week, time or sunrise and sunset.
• Celestial clock computes sunrise and sunset
• Non-volatile memory and internal power storage for backup (no batteries required)
• Real-time clock maintains time in the event of a power outage for up to 1 week.
• Includes power cord for Tabletop and right angle power plug for outlet mount.
• UPB reliability and compatible with a variety of devices and controllers

The Model UCS will be available April 30, 2006, with an MSRP of $159.95

About Simply Automated, Incorporated
Simply Automated Incorporated is proud to deliver the most complete UPB-based products available for new construction and retrofit lighting and automation applications. Our extensive line of ultra-reliable UPB-based control modules, transceiver switches and in-wall controllers are not only easy to install and use, they reduce installation costs and enable customized automation and management of lighting, appliances and other devices in the home, without the need for additional wiring in the walls. For additional information we invite you to visit Or you can contact us by phone during regular business hours at (800) 630-9234.


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