Simply Automated UPB Scheduler-Timer UCS-01

Simply Automated’s home automation, Anywhere Virtual Scheduler-Timer, lighting control, model UCS-01, UPB Controller, Scheduler-Timer was designed Anywhere Switch Kit, for applications ease of use and years of reliable ‘no hassle’ performance.  It automatically controls UPB switches and modules – turning them on/off/dim – based on time scheduled events for any day(s) of the week.  Once the unit is set for time, date, location (zip code or latitude and longitude) and a network ID number is selected, UPB devices and scheduled events can be added – no computer required.  It supports up to 99 events, 250 devices and lighting scene links.   When sunset/sunrise settings are used for event on/off/dim times, the scheduled events never need to be adjusted for seasons (daylight savings time).  Even if power is lost for up to one week, the scheduler will maintain the time, settings and schedule, so everything is fine once power comes on.  The schedule mode can be easily set for regular every-day run time operation.  Or when leaving to travel, set it for random vacation mode to give a home the ‘lived in look’.  Schedule modes (Off, Run, Vacation or Alternate Vacation) can also be conveniently changed with scene links sent from a UPB switch – just press a switch button or rocker to change modes, E.g. from Run to Vacation.  Once the Scheduler-Timer has been setup, the user can rely on timely lighting and not worry about making changes for power-outages, seasons or adjusting the time.  To manually control loads or test events, simply go to the device event and press ‘enter.’  It will toggle the event/load on and off allowing easy control of loads and a way to quickly check that everything works as expected.  In the event that all devices are not being controlled as configured, the Tools menu offers a signal and noise meter to check that the signals are strong or that there is not an excessive amount of noise on the power line.  It will also log noise events over a period of time.  This can help identify intermittent noise issues.  In addition the Scheduler-Timer can connect to an RS232 serial port allowing the use of UPStart configuration software on a PC.  UPStart is a powerful tool to help configure large networks and check communication.

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5 comments on “Simply Automated UPB Scheduler-Timer UCS-01

  1. Fred P. on said:

    I am trying to find a way to “turn-on” a dimmable light (at a specified time), then slowly dim the light till “off” (at a specified time). This would be programmed once per day. Can the UCS-01 controller do this? If not, do you know of another method?

    • UPB Help on said:

      Yes, the Scheduler-Timer UCS-01 and any Simply Automated dimmer will get you there. You may need to set multiple off events if your 100% to 0% transition is greater than 30 minutes.

      Simply Automated is a leading supplier of Lighting Control & Automation products in the Home Automation marketplace.

  2. Not only does the UPB Scheduler-Timer UCS-01 live up to its ‘no hassle’ performance design but, its level of support (99 events and 250 devices) is very convenient! A hidden gem allowing me to control my outdoor lights for night security, inside lights for pathway convenience (finding the bathroom/kitchen), even controlling my Christmas lighting. An energy saver allowing dimming functions, I keep at 20% dim level!

    • Stewart Austin on said:

      Hello Don. Thank you for your comments. Simply Automated takes great pride being an industry leader in the lighting control home automation marketplace. The Simply Automated Scheduler Timer is a great addition to a installation, provides hundreds of different applications, as you’ve noted…

  3. Living in a place where winter power outages are a common occurrence, I find it comforting to know that Simply Automated has a Home Automation product easing the frustration. Not having to worry about my Simply Automated scheduler timer being reset while I am without power for up to a week is very nice.

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