My home automation project using Simply Automated UPB lighting control

When I first decided that I wanted some degree of home automation, one of the first decisions was which lighting control technology to use.  UPB vs. Insteon vs. Z-Wave vs. X-10.  The easy choice was Simply Automated. 

Why Simply Automated?

Most Complete Product Line

Simply Automated offers the most complete line of lighting control and automation products in the marketplace – from our simple and ready to use Pre-Configured products that work right out of the box, can be easily programmed with a tap of a button, to our line of powerful PC-Configured products scalable up to 250 devices, we’ve got you covered.  And most importantly, Simply Automated products work!

Most Flexible and Technologically Advanced Product Line

We offer a dimmer/switch base that can take up to 13 different faceplates in 6 color combinations – an industry exclusive.  Or our new dimmer/switch base that handles two different circuits, in one junction box.  All Simply Automated multi-rocker and multi-button dimmers/switches provide both local circuit and multi-scene control. 

Check out our complete line of Dimmer/Switches, Faceplates, Lamp & Dimmer Modules, Appliance & Relay Modules, Phase Couplers, Repeaters & Filters, Controllers & Programmers and Starter Kits at Simply Automated Products.

Lowest Prices, Highest Standards in Manufacturing and Quality Control

In today’s challenging environment and demanding marketplace, Simply Automated products are priced significantly lower than alternative lighting control solutions while maintaining the highest standards in manufacturing and quality control.  Simply Automated devices typically cost up to 50% less than comparable or less featured devices from Lutron, Leviton, Z-Wave, HAI, Smarthome, Pulseworx or Vantage!

Finest After Sales Service and Support 

Simply Automated takes great pride in having an opportunity to be your customer friendly partner.  Take a test drive.  If you have any problems, questions or issues — just contact us.  You will find our products, service and support are second to no one.

Helpful Information

About UPB Technology / Helpful Background Information

7 comments on “My home automation project using Simply Automated UPB lighting control

  1. A great help with my installation. Thank you. Simply Automated UPB products are the very best alternative in the home lighting control automation market.

  2. A quick and simple demonstration of a home lighting control automation that highlights the simplistic operation of Simply Automated UPB Products. Replaced my Leviton Z-Wave switches. Well done.

  3. Even though Simply Automated UPB lighting is very user friendly already, it is nice to have my home automated! I now have scene control, push a button, and 8 other rooms come on at ‘low’ dim level, push another button, they come on ‘mid’ level, also have ’emergency’ button, all lights come on at 100%. Great convenience and safety.

  4. This video proves how easy Simply Automated products work! Their products are very user friendly yet if you need to troubleshoot, I’ve found the Simply Automated tech support is extremely helpful! Thank you!

  5. Lhoover 58 on said:

    Wonderful detailed video resource for customers looking for home automation technology, looks like Simply Automated is a very good company to use for my upcoming install, thank you.

  6. JKieser on said:

    Great video! Backs up every reason there is to select Simply Automated.

  7. Videos definitely help.Demonstrate the convenience and ease.Well done.

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