Anywhere 3-Way Switch Kit

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The Simply Automated Anywhere 3-Way Switch Kit provides a basic home automation solution creating 3-way lighting control UPB for a remote single light. The kit includes two on/off light switches (120VAC/60Hz) with gloss white faceplates. This elementary, no-new-wires solution allows homeowners to install 3-way lighting control without running new wires or using a more expensive wireless option. It’s perfect for controlling lighting in a hallway, stairway, or any other location where two switch locations for one light can enhance convenience.

  • Enables 3-way control for loads up to 900W
  • LEDs indicate on/off status
  • Replace standard light switches
  • Connect to existing switch wires

Pressing the top of either rocker switch will turn on the connected light, and pressing the bottom turns it off. The blue-green LEDs on both switches indicate the light’s on/off status.

Supports Most Lighting Loads

These professional grade switches feature a patented heat sink design to ensure cool operation and long life, as well as thermal overload protection for safety. They support incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, LED, magnetic and electronic low-voltage lighting transformers and ballasts up to 900W.

Foundation for 4-Way or 5-Way Control

Each switch replaces an existing light switch in a standard single-gang box, and connects to your existing switch wires (white neutral wire connection required). Using Simply Automated’s advanced powerline communication technology, each switch transmits over 1 mile on 14 gauge wire. To create a 4-way, 5-way, or more switch, install the Simply Automated Anywhere 4- or More-Way Add-On Switch (US1-V0, sold separately).


  • (2) Anywhere Switches

NOTE: Simply Automated’s Anywhere Switches and Kits are incompatible with any of Simply Automated’s PC-Configured, Pre-Configured, SimplySmart, or other UPB or UPStart products.


Simply Automated was founded in 2003 with the mission of leading in the research and development of simple, flexible, cost-effective and technologically advanced solutions in the automation, lighting control and energy savings market. With years spent perfecting intelligent firmware design and manufacturing technologies, Simply Automated continues to offer superior products in lighting control and automation, paying special attention to the growing demand for effective energy conservation in residential systems.

  • Power: 120VAC ± 10%, 60Hz
  • Load: 1 W minimum, 900 W maximum, 7.5 Amps at 120VAC, per switch
  • Output: Triac output configured for On/Off control (default).
  • Connections: 6-inch stranded wires, #16 AWG for power and load; #20 AWG for connection of remote (model USR) switch traveler(s) is not used.
  • Operating Temperature: 30 to 120°F (0 to 50°C)
  • Weight: 4.4 ounces (125g)
  • Mounting: Standard Junction Box



20 comments on “Anywhere 3-Way Switch Kit

  1. Very user friendly! Simply Automated lighting control is the best in the industry. Lutron scared me away with ridiculous high prices. Also, having features that support and ensure a lengthy product life make it an even more appealing product.

  2. I love the ease if use that the Simply Automated Anywhere 3-Way Switch Kit allowed me to have in my home. Took 15 minutes to install, I was able to turn on/off the lights in my master bedroom from my garage entry. Wonderful easy virtual 3-way!

    • Stewart Austin on said:

      Hello Lar. Thank you for your comments. Simply Automated takes great pride being an industry leader in the lighting control home automation marketplace. The Anywhere 3-Way Switch Kit was designed to be a simple and easy option when looking at controlling a light (or circuit) in a remote area of one’s home without having to run new wiring.

  3. This Anywhere 3-Way Switch kit is just as advertised. Simple, easy to install, took me about 15 minutes, I’m now able to turn on my masterbedroom lighting from my hallway. Great convenience and safety factor for my wife. And this stuff is really well built.

  4. Paul Crafton on said:

    Just ordered this new system, switches are very well built, not cheap or toylike like other options in market (SmartHome or Leviton). It took me about 30 minutes to install the two switches. Tapped one switch, light in the hallway came on, and also the second light in my basement turned on. No new wires. No costly electrician. What a great idea.

  5. Have been following comments, purchased last week, installation was quick, now have switch control from my front entry to bedroom. Great convenience and safety.

  6. I’m a housewife, sort of handy, done some remodel work, this was a one hammer task, very easy, works great, 5 stars.

  7. Bruce C. on said:

    Need a simple way to turn on my lights in my barn from my home. Ran into this subject while checking google, just what I need, i’ll let you know how things go after I install, thank you so much, saved me a great deal of work, my only other recource was running a line to the barn.

  8. Same here, work in Seattle area, been buying from my local distributor All Phase Electric for the past year, great way to start a customer with simple automacion, almost all call me back for more work.

  9. Been using for my customers the past year, easy install, great convenience, takes me about 45 minutes total time, I charge $175.00 includes labor+materials. Greater Miami area.

  10. ronny espisito on said:

    ditto comments above, great product, easy install, saved me $500+ hiring electrician to run new wiring to my attic, don’t trust wireless stuff.

  11. milt.electric on said:

    Where do I buy?

  12. Connor Leas on said:

    just want to confirm, does not use rf, uses powerline? rf not my preferred approach due to reliability issues.

  13. Stewart Austin on said:

    Hello Milt.

    You can buy at any authorized Simply Automated distributor. Available at local stores or on-line. You can check out options by clicking ‘Where to Buy’ tab on the Simply Automated home page. Let us know how your purchase and install goes.

    Thank you,

    Simply Automated

  14. Stewart Austin on said:

    Hello Connor.

    Confirmed. Does NOT use RF. Simply Automated uses powerful UPB powerline technology. You can visit our website and click ‘About UPB Technology’ for specifics. No cheap batteries used (Leviton Anywhere Switch), this is the real ‘professional grade’ stuff used by electricians. Let us know how your purchase and install goes.

    Thank you.

    Simply Automated

  15. Susan Thom on said:

    Just found this blog topic, sounds like a winner, will purchase, thank you.


  16. Kris Jans on said:

    Really nice product. Works just as advertised. Highly recommended. Much better than alternatives from Leviton and Smarthome.

  17. Nolan Pamko on said:

    Great easy to use product. Thanx.

  18. AlanWells on said:

    Purchased from Amazon last month, installed this week, easy install, works like advertised, high quality stuff, highly recommended.

  19. Adrian Cham on said:

    Just purchased on,installation was real easy,now able to turn on my master bedroom lights from hallway, plan to add another switch set for my garage to living room.

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