4 home automation systems reviewed, X-10, Insteon, Z-Wave, UPB

Home Automation Lighting Control Starter Kits
X-10 vs. Insteon vs. Z-Wave vs. UPB
When I first decided that I wanted some degree of home automation, one of the first decisions was which lighting control protocol to use X-10, Insteon, Z-Wave, UPB. In addition to the home automation, lighting control, Simply Automated, leading supplier of lighting control, 
X-10 Lighting Starter Kit
ActiveHome Pro Software and USB Computer Interface (shown), and Controller, this package includes a tiny keychain remote you can keep in your pocket, and the popular PalmPad wireless remote that puts you in charge of your X10 lighting devices from one remote. Also included are additional X10 modules to control two lamps, and an appliance, such as a radio or fan. To top it all off, there’s a hide-in-the-shadows stealth EagleEye motion sensor giving you motion-activated control from anywhere inside your home.

Price: $99 More info: www.x10.com. Read more: 4 Home Automation Systems for $200 or Less

INSTEON 5-piece Starter Kit

Upgrade your home with automated lighting, appliances, security, and more by installing an INSTEON network. INSTEON is a powerful, home-control networking technology that is affordable and simple to install and use. The dual-band network quickly and reliably transmits INSTEON messages throughout the home both wirelessly (using the Access Points) and through the home’s existing wiring. This five-piece starter kit includes everything you need to install an INSTEON network and begin enhancing your home with remote control and lighting scenes.

Price: $99 More info: www.smarthome.com. Read more: 4 Home Automation Systems for $200 or Less

Zwave Wireless Starter Kit

The HA102M Wireless Home Control Starter Kit is an easy and fun way to control home lighting. Includes the (HA23) USB stick 6 ft. USB extension cord, Handy Remote Controller (HA09), Plug-in lamp module (HA03), Plug-in appliance module (HA02), Intermatic HomeSettings ThinkEssentials software, and Microsoft Visual Studio Express Editions Software.

Price: $149.99 More info: www.zwaveproducts.com Read more: 4 Home Automation Systems for $200 or Less

Simply Automated UPB Starter Kit

The Simply Automated Basic UPB Starter Kit includes two (2) single-rocker dimmers and one (1) single-rocker dimmer with 4-button multi-scene controller. Simply replace existing switches and push a button to create a warm and subtle scene via one touch lighting control. Pre-programmed dimming levels are provided, or easily create custom scenes for perfect lighting in your home. The system can be installed in any home, new or retrofit, and utilizes ultra-reliable UPB powerline technology.

Price: $224.95 More info: www.homecontrols.com Read more: 4 Home Automation Systems for $200 or Less

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11 comments on “4 home automation systems reviewed, X-10, Insteon, Z-Wave, UPB

  1. tonykristie on said:

    My experience over the past 10 years. X10 doesn’t work. Insteon (SmartHome) uses an X10 type technology. Cheap and toylike. Leviton Z-Wave was an up n comer several years ago, technology just didn’t work. At the end of the day, the only tried/true/tested company to use is Simply Automated. Trust me.

    • Stewart Austin on said:

      Hello Tony. We do trust you… Thank you for your comments. Simply Automated takes great pride being an industry leader in the lighting control home automation marketplace.

    • I have been using X-10 since the mid-80’s with various control interfaces and it has been great. In my experience it has worked well I have yet to have to upgrade to a newer platform. This has given me the time for platforms to get themselves in order so that when I do switch/evolve they will be far from “toy-like”. I’m a powerline person, don’t believe in rf, upb is a step up technology.

  2. Thank you, for the information. Given the many options, technologies, home automation can be confusing and intimidating. Information really helped me understand my options in lighting control market. I called Simply Automated yesterday, tech name Ken spent 20 minutes with me, answering all my questions, a great patient guy, really knows his stuff. It very much looks like Simply Automated has the products and reasonable price and high product quality assurance into one. They are definitely my choice. BTW, I thereafter priced Lutron vs. Simply Automated, 20 switches, Simply Automated 75% lower cost, can you believe that!

  3. sweistein on said:

    I bought the simply automated kit from home controls when they had a special 20% off, price was about $200 including shipping cost, received in a couple of day, I installed and it worked right out of the box, no problems, nice product, now able to control lights in three rooms, a week later read the directions, was able to manually control dimming and buttons 1-4, really cool, both home controls and simply automated top notch.

  4. Mentioning a house or a part on the house being automated is just so cool.Having any of these 4 piece appliance packages being automated is simply amazing.

  5. Brady Thomas on said:

    I did quite a bit of on-line research before selecting a technology and supplier, lots of subjective one sided reviews, went with UPB and Simply Automated, now have 12 devices in my home, cost about $700, works great, highly recommend.

  6. milt.electric on said:

    Great feedback. thanks. where do I buy?

  7. Luis Santiago on said:

    I just purchased on-line,many different places,i bought on amazon,do a google search,scheduled to arrive in 3 days, will let you know.

  8. Caleb Logan on said:

    Yep, did some research, purchased the Simply Automated starter kit, great value for the money, added 8 additional dimmers, lots of flexgibility and options, highly recommend.

  9. I like automation on said:

    Nice article,helful.Im a automation guy,used insteon in the past,did not have good results, poor quality, switches broke after 6 months, will try Simply Automated.

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