Elan Home Systems Lighting Where to Buy

Elan Home Systems Lighting Where to Buy, check out Simply Automated, fully compatible with PCS Pulseworx, lower price, better quality, great support www.simply-automated.com, elanhomesystems.com


Universal UPB Dimmer Controller Base
Requires Optional Faceplate
(13 Faceplate Options in 6 Colors)
Ordering Information: US2-40

Model: US2-40 Data Sheet


SimplyBrilliant® Universal UPB Dimmer Controller Switch Base
provides ultra-reliable control of new and existing lighting fixtures.

The SimplyBrilliant US2-40 is a Universal UPB Dimmer Controller Switch Base that accepts any one of the 13 faceplates. There are 78 faceplate options, 13 styles available in 6 standard colors.  Any of the faceplate buttons or rockers can be configured to control the local load or lighting scene-links. Up to 250 UPB device and 250 scene- links can be used on a UPB powerline network to control virtually anything connected to the household wiring.

Each Universal UPB Dimmer Controller Switch has one (factory default) rocker/button that controls the single output circuit, 1 Watt minimum up to 900 Watts maximum. Any faceplate option will control the local load ‘out of the box’ (factory default).  UPB switches and modules are added to a UPB powerline network and configured using UPStart (PC based) software and Computer Interface Module (model UMC).

By default the US2 is set to dim incandescent, halogen LED and magnetic low-voltage lighting, or any light/fixture that can be dimmed with a standard dimmer.  Dimming can be disabled for On/Off control of fluorescent lights, fans, motors and other non-dimmable loads. The adjustable response time feature and fade rate function sets how quickly the output responds and dims lights on and off.

class=”p_clone_small”Manual scene-link modification capabilities are unique to Simply Automated devices. A user can easily change existing scenes, adding or removing devices and adjusting light levels, by pressing rocker/buttons in a specific sequence (see User Guide for details) without using UPStart.




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