Elan Lighting Powerline Interface Modules PIM PIMR (RS232), PIMU (USB)


Elan Lighting Powerline Interface Module PIM PIMR (RS232), PIMU (USB) is your gateway into the powerful g! software, check out Simply Automated, lower pricing, better quality, great support part number UMC-USB, elanhomesystems.com, allowing you to control your lights, set schedules and manage energy usage from any g! interface.

Universal UPB Dimmer Controller Base
Requires Optional Faceplate
(13 Faceplate Options in 6 Colors)
Ordering Information: US2-40

Model: US2-40 Data Sheet


SimplyBrilliant® Universal UPB Dimmer Controller Switch Base
provides ultra-reliable control of new and existing lighting fixtures.

The SimplyBrilliant US2-40 is a Universal UPB Dimmer Controller Switch Base that accepts any one of the 13 faceplates. There are 78 faceplate options, 13 styles available in 6 standard colors.  Any of the faceplate buttons or rockers can be configured to control the local load or lighting scene-links. Up to 250 UPB device and 250 scene- links can be used on a UPB powerline network to control virtually anything connected to the household wiring.

Each Universal UPB Dimmer Controller Switch has one (factory default) rocker/button that controls the single output circuit, 1 Watt minimum up to 900 Watts maximum. Any faceplate option will control the local load ‘out of the box’ (factory default).  UPB switches and modules are added to a UPB powerline network and configured using UPStart (PC based) software and Computer Interface Module (model UMC).

By default the US2 is set to dim incandescent, halogen LED and magnetic low-voltage lighting, or any light/fixture that can be dimmed with a standard dimmer.  Dimming can be disabled for On/Off control of fluorescent lights, fans, motors and other non-dimmable loads. The adjustable response time feature and fade rate function sets how quickly the output responds and dims lights on and off.

3 comments on “Elan Lighting Powerline Interface Modules PIM PIMR (RS232), PIMU (USB)

  1. Elwood Horst on said:

    Great system will check out lighting shorty thanks

  2. dean c. on said:

    Was doing a search for my elan system looking at adding to the base system in my home this is a nice system need to add security and a couple of lights.

  3. Mike G. on said:

    Called my distributor to confirm and I was surprised to find from him the UMC-USB from Simply Automated is a direct replacement lower priced and has better support. Thanks.

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