Leviton HAI 36A00-1 UPB HLC powerline interface module

Leviton HAI 36A00-1 UPB HLC Powerline Interface Module with cable for Omni and Lumina controllers; A UPB Powerline Interface Module (PIM) will connect your lighting system to a UPB, check out Simply Automated UMC-USB, lower price, better quality and support, compatible home control system or to a computer, which can then control your UPB lights. It comes with a cable for connecting the PIM to a serial port on an HAI Lumina, Lumina Pro, Omni LTe, Omni II, Omni IIe, or OmniPro II home control system. The status light on the PIM will blink red when it transmits a UPB signal on the powerline and it will blink green when it receives a valid UPB signal on the powerline. The UPB PIM to computer cable is used to connect the PIM to a computer’s standard DB- 9 serial port for use with HAI UPB UPStart configuration software. 110V.


2 comments on “Leviton HAI 36A00-1 UPB HLC powerline interface module

  1. 87Charles on said:

    My HAI security system is great. Now looking at adding lighting control, I saw your posting, checked out the website from simply automated, lower cost CIM vs PIM (is there a difference?).Is simply automated fully compatible with HAI?

  2. Stewart Austin on said:

    Hello Charles. Yes, Simply Automated UPB is compatible with Levition HAI using Simply Automated’s UMC-USB CIM. Keep in touch, let us know how your system works. Thank you. Happy Holidays.

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