PCS Pulseworx Company Overview


PCS Pulseworx Company Overview: Powerline Control Systems is celebrating its 20th year, check out Simply Automated, lower pricing, higher quality, great support, of developing and manufacturing high-quality lighting and electrical control devices for the residential, commercial and industrial markets. PCS provides a complete range of products under the SimpleWorx™, PulseWorx®, and GreenWorx™ brands. Each of these product lines are designed to use standard powerlines to communicate control signals without additional wiring, providing customers an affordable, flexible and scaleable lighting control system.

PCS devices communicate on the existing powerlines in the home, parking garage or business making them perfect for retrofit and remodel situations, as well as new construction; answering the call for a lower cost, reliable lighting control system by providing an alternative to expensive proprietary and hardwired systems.

Simply Automated was founded in 2003 by Fred Kiko, holder of more than 35 patents in communications and design, who revolutionized self-installation methods of residential DSL broadband service in the late 1990s. 

The mission of Simply Automated is to be the leader in the research and development of simple, flexible, cost effective and technologically advanced solutions in the automation, lighting control and energy savings market – taking pride in being a customer friendly company that listens to our customers and provides optimum solutions for the marketplace. 

The first products developed by Mr. Kiko at Simply Automated were a complete line of lighting control and automation products using ultra-reliable UPB technology that utilized the current wiring in the house or business – no new wiring needed.  The products included dimmer switches, dimming modules, relay modules, input/output modules, receptacles, phase couplers and repeaters. 

The centerpiece products include universal dimmer switches that accommodate up to 13 different faceplates — from a single-rocker, to multi-rockers, multi-buttons, and multi-rockers with buttons – that could be easily changed in the field.  An industry first, exclusive and patented! 

Intelligent firmware design and manufacturing technologies enable Simply Automated to provide a technologically superior product in the lighting control and automation market that is up to 50% lower priced than comparable products in the marketplace.

In 2007 Simply Automated focused on the research and development of energy saving technologies and products in both the residential and commercial markets.  Working in partnership with utility companies, advanced metering (AMI/AMR) and meter management (MDM) providers, Mr. Kiko developed new energy saving technologies and products soon to be introduced that will offer simple, flexible, cost effective and technologically advanced solutions to revolutionize the marketplace.


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  1. klaust12 on said:

    I didn’t know pcs developed UPB good company info but I use simply automated for my lighting automation needs just a real solid company with great service suppoort

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