Anywhere remote switches Leviton, Belkin, GE, Smarthome, Simply Automated?

Can you help me to understand the difference between the anywhere remote switches out there, so many options leviton, belkin, ge, smarthome, insteon, simply automated. 

One comment on “Anywhere remote switches Leviton, Belkin, GE, Smarthome, Simply Automated?

  1. Stewart Austin on said:

    Tom, thank you for your question. Leviton and GE use Z-Wave technology, wireless rf targeted to lower end of the diy market, uses batteries for remote switch. Smarthome Insteon uses Insteon technology, combination of X-10 and wireless rf, iffy technology at best, targeted to very low end diyer. Belkin WeMo is targeted to home automation, at system level, must be wired and have wifi. Simply Automated is used by the electrician and installer, uses powerline technology, if you have a situation needing to control a remote light or appliance without rewiring, Simply Automated is your optimum solution.

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