Anywhere Switch Leviton or Simply Automated amazon?

I’ve been looking online at amazon at the Leviton Anywhere Switch and the one from Simply Automated, there is quite a large price difference, Leviton much less, what’s the difference?

3 comments on “Anywhere Switch Leviton or Simply Automated amazon?

  1. Stewart Austin on said:

    Hello Alton, generally speaking one gets what they pay for, the Leviton anywhere switch is consumer grade uses batteries, geared to very low end diy market, Simply Automated is commercial grade used by electricians, no batteries, well worth the extra money.

  2. Alberto Palmer on said:

    Good points @Stewart the difference between consumer grade products and commercial grade products is pretty striking not at first, but a couple years down the road it becomes really obvious I have been replacing all the consumer grade junk in my system with more robust Simply Automated equipment as my consumer grade stuff wears out or breaks.Being able to swap pieces out one at a time has been a real savior.

  3. I purchased Simply Automated anywhere switch kit at amazon received it 2 days later took me 30 minutes to install both switches I was able to control lighting in my basement from my hallway with no programming did not have to run any new electrical lines or hire an electrician highly recommend.

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