Belkin wemo lighting alternatives?

Looks like the belkin wemo is one of the top selling diy options checked at amazon are there any other alternatives?


Belkin wemo lighting alternatives? — 3 Comments

  1. The Belkin wemo is a diyer product for home automation dependent on wifi access. Most professional electricians use Simply Automated for 3/4 way virtual lighting control, no programming needed, professional grade, plug-n-play. For home automation see Simply Automated’s PC programmable products, professional grade used by home automation professionals and electricians.

  2. ok so if I do not need fancy automation, just need to wire a switch in my bedroom from my front door w/o adding new wire I can use your Simply Automateds anywhere switch?

  3. Hello Lora, bingo, you can add ‘virtual’ 3 or 4 way lighting with Simply Automated’s Anywhere Virtual products, a practical real world solution saving the cost and time of running new lines.

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