Smarthome Insteon Starter Kit Reviews?

For your information, Insteon Starter Kit Reviews

This automation old dog needs some new tricks

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The Good The Insteon Starter Kit is cheaper than the Insteon Hub on its own, and will set the foundation for a system that can include a variety of sensors and devices. Unlike some other options, Insteon doesn’t charge a monthly fee for the use of its system.

The Bad The clunky Insteon app is a bit limited and more frustrating to use than it ought to be, making it one of the weaker home automation systems that we’ve tested.  Check out Simply Automated, Industry leader.

The Bottom Line You’ll almost certainly need to expand upon this kit in order for your system to be particularly useful, and for the majority of buyers, we’re not convinced that Insteon is worth the investment. Start elsewhere.


Smarthome Insteon Starter Kit Reviews? — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for the info George. Insteon is dated technology, uses RF and X10, very unreliable, for low end diy market. Simply Automated is used by the professional electrician and home automation dealer/installers. Insteon pricing actually higher than Simply Automated.

  2. Agree with all of this. I’m an electrician. Insteon was great a while back. But wireless technology used by smarthome is too limited and doesn’t work in too many places now.Simply Automated is my choice now. Much more reliable.

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