Smarthome Insteon SwitchLinc Remote Control Switch alternatives?

Been checking different alternatives to easily simply control remote switches, saw Smarthome Insteon SwitchLinc On/Off – INSTEON 2477S Remote Control Switch (Dual-Band), White Also saw the one from Leviton Anywhere Switch and your company’s Anywhere Switch (Kit).  What’s the difference?


2 comments on “Smarthome Insteon SwitchLinc Remote Control Switch alternatives?

  1. Stewart Austin on said:

    Good question Max, Both Smarthome and Leviton are targeted to low end diy market. Smarthome uses a technology called ‘insteon’, basically combines RF and X10 technologies, X10 is dated technology that is very unreliable, there have also been quality issues raised. Check forum. Leviton uses Z-Wave technology, RF technology that has good and bad, i.e., strength when there are walls, also quality issues, uses batteries, poor quality. Simply Automated is used by the professional electricians and home automation dealers/installers, uses powerful UPB powerline technology, high quality and very good support, industry leader, also lower cost vs. Smarthome option.

  2. Matt Mitchell on said:

    I have been looking at a lot of alternatives too. Amazon is a great place for reviews and Simply Automated has great reviews. Seems like UPB powerline technology is the way to go if you want a stable system. That’s what my buddy the electrician told me anyway.

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