pcs pulseworx sale?

there have been quite a few PCS pulseworx sales the past few months going at 50%+Home Controls Inc, amazon.com lots of ebay stuff read about company not answering phone calls maybe going out of business can anyone assist?   


pcs pulseworx sale? — 2 Comments

  1. Please try contacting the company to confirm, as an option Simply Automated provides a great alternative, lower cost, better quality, service and support, industry leader!

  2. Support is the biggest difference I’ve seen. It seems like most of the home automation companies are big on selling, light on supporting. I’ve had nothing but good luck with Simply Automated though. I always seem to end up talking to the same guy who is very helpful and even usually remembers details about my system. Makes life much easier working with people who care about their product even after the check clears.

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