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Save Energy

All Simply Automated dimmers are designed to be both eco-friendly
and gentle on lights – able to dim loads as low as 1 watt!

Perfect for dimming (dimmable) fluorescents and LED fixtures.
Prolongs bulb life like no other dimmers in the marketplace.

Dimming The Lights By: Reduces Energy Consumption: Extends Bulb Life:
10% 10% 4x longer
25% 20% 8x longer
50% 40% 40x longer
75% 60% More than 40x

Simply Automated Dimmers and Modules Have Built-In Energy Saving Timers that Automatically Turn Off Lighting!


Add a Simply Automated Scheduler Timer to Provide Even More Energy Saving Capabilities!

  • Powerful self contained device controls up to 99 different events and up to 250 Simply Automated Dimmers or Modules!  Easy 1-2-3 programming.

  • Replaces costly energy consuming mechanical timers -- program to turn on/off outdoor security lighting, water features, pool/spa pumps, landscape lighting,...

  • Provides energy saving night-time convenience lighting, dimming levels from 10%, to 20%, 30%, 40%,... up to 90% for single dimmer (local load) or scenes (links).

  • Vacation mode setting.

Become Green and Eco-Friendly with Simply Automated Energy Saving Products 

  • Program your child's room to turn off lights, i.e. every 2 hours.

  • Turn off all lighting in home at pre-established time every evening.

  • Create a night time convenience pathway from bedrooms to bathrooms at 10% dim level.

  • Meet California Title 24 Requirements!


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