PCS Pulseworx UPB – Automated Outlet

    Automated Outlet, About PCS Pulseworx UPB, Powerline Control Systems, Inc. http://www.automatedoutlet.com/home/PCS-PulseWorx, www.pcslighting.com/pulseworx, PCS PulseWorx UPB, Powerline Control Systems, Simply Automate UPB lower cost alternative with better quality and support, SAI recommended by Automated Outlet, are produced by Powerline … [READ MORE]

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Insteon Compared – About Insteon

Home Automation and Lighting Control About INSTEON, Insteon Compared, When I first About Insteon, Smarthome Insteon, www.smarthome.com, check Simply Automated UPB, Smarthome Solutions Center, UPB, lighting control, Insteon Compared, z-wave, x-10, RF, decided that I wanted some degree of home … [READ MORE]

UPB Fan Speed Controller

  UPB fan speed controller, Looks like Simply Automated UPB heard us loud and clear…. new UPB Fan Speed Controllers are out! http://www.simply-aut-Controller.php It looks like it’s controlled via UPB links and not by direct dimming or on/off commands, which … [READ MORE]

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