Why UPB? Gen I, II, III?

Why UPB Gen I, II, III? Levition HAI Lighting Control (HLC) devices feature Generation III UPB™ technology. Simply Automated leading supplier of UPB globally.  Universal Powerline Bus (UPB)™ is a digital powerline communications standard for lighting and home control that … [READ MORE]

About UPB Technology

  About UPB Technology UPB technology Simply Automated UPB, HAI UPB, PCS Pulseworx UPB, Elk M1 UPB provides home automation, lighting control, Insteon, Z-Wave, X-10, RadioRA 2, UPB dimmer, UPB switch, UPB UPStart, UPB PIM, UPB phase coupler, UPB white paper, solution … [READ MORE]

Leviton HAI UPB Gen I, II, III

HAI UPB, home automation, leviton.com, homeauto.com, Simply Automated UPB Universal Powerline Bus, HAI by Leviton, UPB Gen I, II, III, HAI Lighting Control Products are now shipping with Gen III UPB features! HAI’s popular powerline carrier based product line, HAI Lighting Control, … [READ MORE]

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