What are UPB ZPCI Phase Coupler Options?

Simply Automated UPB, ZPCI wire-in, breaker box, plug-in ZPCI phase couplers for the licensed electrician and home hobbyist.  Starting point see http://www.simply-automated.com/products/cats/phase_couplers.php  For the licensed electrician and electrical panel, there are two (2) options, (1) wire-in phase coupler http://www.simply-automated.com/products/items/ZPCI-W_phase_coupler.php or … [READ MORE]

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Simply Automated UPB Phase Coupler

The home automation, lighting control, ZPCI series of UPB Universal Inverting Phase Couplers from Simply Automated UPB, is unique in many ways (patent pending). Unlike conventional phase couplers, multiple ZPCI units can be used in a home (e.g. one ZPCI … [READ MORE]