Why UPB? Gen I, II, III?

Why UPB Gen I, II, III? Levition HAI Lighting Control (HLC) devices feature Generation III UPB™ technology. Simply Automated leading supplier of UPB globally.  Universal Powerline Bus (UPB)™ is a digital powerline communications standard for lighting and home control that … [READ MORE]

UPB Info

    UPB Info Home automation, lighting control, UPB Info, Universal Powerline Bus, Simply Automated UPB, HAI UPB, Elk M1 UPB, PCS UPB, Pulseworx UPB, powerline communications, UPB Phase Coupler, UPB PIM, UPB CIM, UPB UPStart 6108 Avenida Encinas, Suite … [READ MORE]

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Z-Wave Technology White Paper

Z-Wave Wireless Control White Paper, Technology, Systems and Applications Musewerx, A home automation, lighting control of Z-Wave technology vs. X-10 vs. Insteon vs. UPB vs. RadioRA 2 vs. ZigBee.  Insteon Compared, Z-Wave Alliance, ZigBee, Simply Automated leading UPB supplier of … [READ MORE]

Advanced X10 Lighting Automated Outdoor UPB

Normally, home automation, lighting control, X-10 lighting, UPB, one uses a motion sensor to control lights directly with X10 commands or indirectly via a “virtual wiring” macro in programs such as Active Home which sends the X10 light commands from … [READ MORE]

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