Elk-M1PCSPIM M1 UPB Interface

Elk-M1PCSPIM M1 UPB Interface elkproducts.com, pcslighting.com, UPB Home Automation, UPB lighting control, upb interface, UPB phase coupler, UPB PIM, UPB UPStart, UPB Interface for M1G & M1EZ8 Controls, see Simply Automated UMC-USB-W as low cost alternative to high cost PCS … [READ MORE]

Installing a UPB Phase Coupler

I Installing a UPB phase coupler Caution: Never open an electrical panel, for licensed electrician only.  Note Simply Automated wire-in phase coupler. Simply Automated Home Automation Lighting Control About UPB Technology UPB technology provides an inexpensive and reliable solution for … [READ MORE]