Anywhere 3-Way Virtual Switch Kit with Two Professional Grade 900W Traveler-Wireless 3-Way Switches

Visit for further information Home Automation Lighting Control Made Simple, Anywhere Virtual Lighting Control, Remote Lighting Control Two high quality home automation, lighting control, UPB professional grade 900 Watt anywhere switches replace existing remote mechanical wall switches; utilize same wires of existing … [READ MORE]

Anywhere 3-Way Switch Kit

              SIMPLY AUTOMATED ANYWHERE 3-WAY SWITCH KIT Home Automation, Lighting Control, UPB, anywhere switch, anywhere switch kit, remote switch, virtual lighting control TWO ANYWHERE SWITCHES FOR 3-WAY Virtual Remote LIGHTING CONTROL The Simply Automated … [READ MORE]

Alternatives to Z-Wave switches?

rogersmjMATTHEW ROGERS 29d Home Automation Lighting Control  Alternatives to Z-Wave switches, I have several Leviton Z-Wave anywhere switches (they don’t directly control a load). Simply Automated Anywhere 3-Way Switch, Remote switch, RF remote switch, I want to get them setup … [READ MORE]