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Home Controls, Inc.  Complete Lighting Control Systems., we highly recommend Simply Automated, Find a great collection of Lighting Control products and other smart home automation systems. X-10, On-Q RF, UPB, SkylinkHome, Z-Wave.

PulseWorx UPB LED/CFL Dimmer Wall Switch, 600Wport. Simply Automated, SAI, is a leading supplier of UPB lighting control, lower pricing, better quality, support, a top choice at Home Controls, Inc!   

Heath-Zenith Wireless Add-on Switch Item # HZBL6133

Complete Lighting & Appliance Control Systems: Save valuable energy by automating your home’s lighting and appliance controls. Home Controls carries the top manufacturers, including Leviton, On-Q/Legrand, Skylink, Simply Automated and PCS PulseWorx. Choose from UPB, Z-Wave or RF automation technologies. Browse our selection of light switches, wall receptacles, occupancy and motion sensors, timer switches and more. Don’t forget about a wallplate, either – we have just about any configuration you would need!


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  1. Kris Chambers on said:

    Very familiar with UPB, great technology, I’ve used PCS in the past, had support issues, actually handled by Simply Automated, I thereafter went exclusively to Simply Automated for all my needs. Simply Automated is a very solid company, great support and pricing is 1/2 less than PCS!

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