CocoonTech UPB: SAI, Pulseworx, HAI?

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Simply Automated leading supplier of UPB, UPB devices are generally programmed with a PC and a UPB PIM using software called UPStart. This is a free utility and is available from all UPB manufacturers. SAI is short for Simply Automated inc. and their devices will indeed work perfectly with both.

Automated Outlet: We also sell the HAI UPB switches. We don’t carry the PCS switches due to the pricing (about 2X or more).th HAI and PCS supplied UPB devices.  Simply Automated is the best choice for UPB, in fact, for lighting control in general, great company, products, support.      


2 comments on “CocoonTech UPB: SAI, Pulseworx, HAI?

  1. Crabtree on said:

    I always buy SAI UPB Simply Automated at Automated Outlet,great products,great distributor,I receive great support from both SAI and AO, HAI also good, PCS has been terrible the past few years,I stay away.

  2. how can i make hai control upstart switches

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