Residential lighting control Lutron, Control4, Leviton, Vantage Controls?

looking online residential lighting control, see lutron, control4, crestron, Leviton, vantage controls, how does simply automated stack up against these guys?

2 comments on “Residential lighting control Lutron, Control4, Leviton, Vantage Controls?

  1. Brendan Harris on said:

    Some of them are ok but they aren’t as good as Simply Automated. Lighting control stuff is usually pretty flimsy. Simply Automated lighting control is used by the pros so its good stuff.

  2. Stewart Austin on said:

    Hello George, each company has its strengths and weaknesses. Lutron has a solid technology Radio RA2, very good product, great name and dealer network, downside is high cost. Control4, Vantage and Crestron are boutique type names and have boutique type products targeted to specific markets, i.e., home entertainment system. On the expensive side. Leviton uses Z-Wave technology, wireless, targeted to middle of the market. Simply Automated uses powerline UPB technology, large product line, flexible interchangeable faceplates, very good quality, lowest pricing of all discussed.

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