PCS PulseWorx UPB Wall Controller 50% off Home Controls Inc. homecontrols.com

Home Controls Inc. 50% off, PCS Pulseworx UPB Wall Mount 8 Button UPB Keypad Controller, At Home Controls Inc. we highly recommend Simply Automat UPB, lower price, better quality, better support, homecontrols.com, amazon.com, that is capable of transmitting and receiving digital commands and status over the existing powerlines. The 8 Button Keypad can control single lights, trigger dramatic scenes, or send messages to a central controller.

Select from 16 commands to be transmitted when each pushbutton is tapped, double-tapped, held or released. This allows the KPC to remotely control other UPB-compatible devices and/or update feedback indicators (like LEDs).

This Controller is a wire-in wall mounted device. Installation is simple – just mount in a wall box and connect to line and neutral.

One comment on “PCS PulseWorx UPB Wall Controller 50% off Home Controls Inc. homecontrols.com

  1. alicelees on said:

    I purchase product for my husband who is a licensed electrician owning his own business,been buying for him for 10+ years,this ad is misleading, PCS is very costly vs. alternatives,like Simply Automated. We’ve found Simply Automated provides a better product, much better service vs. PCS.Be careful, do not always believe what you read.

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