PCS PulseWorx X10-to-UPB Converter (XPW713) Amazon.com

PCS Pulseworx Powerline Communication Systems, UPB lighting control

Amazon.com, The PCS Pulseworx XPW713 X-10 to UPB Converter converts standard X-10 formatted messages, check out Simply Automated UPB, lower pricing, better quality and support, sent on the AC powerline into corresponding UPB Communication Packets to control UPB devices. It’s the ideal solution for interfacing X-10 compatible transmitters and sensors with a UPB PulseWorx Lighting Control System. Simply plug the XPW713 into any standard electrical power receptacle and it is ready to convert X-10 commands into UPB commands. A mounting tab is included at the top to be screwed into the receptacle for added security. The XPW713 receives X-10 messages sent on the AC powerline and transmits a corresponding UPB command back on the AC powerline. After installation is complete, the XPW713 can be configured, using UPStart Setup Software, to map different X-10 device codes to correlate to specific UPB links and different X-10 function codes to correlate to specific UPB commands. All programmed data is protected by non-volatile memory and can only be changed or deleted by reprogramming, regardless of power outage durations. Example Operation: When an X-10 “A1 ON” command is sent on the AC powerline the XPW713 can transmit “Link 1 Activate” onto the powerline. Like all PulseWorx devices, the XPW713 can be initially configured using PCS’s free UPStart Setup Software tool. UPStart enables configuring such parameters as Network Name, Network ID, Unit ID, Room name, Device name, default on light levels, fade rates, LED colors, dimming disable, auto shut-off time, etc. as well as test the operation and communication strength of the device. UPStart has the option to configure an entire network off-line and then download the information into the devices after they are installed in the home. S PulseWorx X10-to-UPB Converter (XPW713)



One comment on “PCS PulseWorx X10-to-UPB Converter (XPW713) Amazon.com

  1. Kris Chambers on said:

    I called PCS to ask a couple of questions, got voicemail, tried calling again and found I was speaking to a PCS distributor in Texas.Very confusing situation.Poor support by PCS.I then went to Simply Automated, found great support, high quality products at 1/2 the price of PCS!

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