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www.pcslighting.com PulseWorx® UPB lighting controls Check out Simply Automated, lower pricing, higher quality, better service and support enable you to provide one-touch control over any of your home’s lights via keypads, dimmers, switches and plug-in receivers. All while working within the current framework, which already exists in any home – no new wires are required. 

Utilizing UPB® technology, invented by PCS, the dimmers and keypads use the standard residential wiring (120/208/240V electrical system with a neutral wire at each switch location) to control and create dramatic scenes without having to run additional wiring—providing an affordable, flexible lighting control option

2 comments on “www.pcslighting.com Pulseworx

  1. Saw this company on amazon,I tried calling for a couple questions,got voicemail saying they’d call me back,never did.

    • I had a similar problem, RColt. I mentioned in my voicemail that I had a pretty large project I was trying to use their product for, but no response. It’s like it got sucked into a black hole. Shame, really.

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