Anywhere switch

What’s the difference between the anywhere switch at and the one from Simply Automated?  Is the one at worth the additional cost? 

2 comments on “Anywhere switch

  1. Stewart Austin on said:

    Leviton anywhere switch is quite less money for very (very) light duty use has batteries uses rf technology Zwave has mixed reviews. Simply Automated is used by electricians for commercial grade uses powerful powerline technology and has consistent very high reviews. At the end of the day one generally gets what they pay for, if you can afford go for Simply Automated.

  2. Charlie Walton on said:

    For my money, I’ll take what the professionals use for my projects. I love doing DIY stuff, but I really only want to do it once. I hate installing something, then having to re-install something else because I saved a few bucks and it didn’t work out.

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