wemo belkin.com light switch?

Been checking online and saw quite a bit of info for Belkin’s wemo light switch belkin.com, looks pretty cool, what’s the difference versus switches from Simply Automated?

2 comments on “wemo belkin.com light switch?

  1. Stewart Austin on said:

    Belkin WeMo enables one to use wifi to control lighting, wifi dependent, consumer grade components. Simply Automated anywhere switches used by electricians uses powerful powerline technology not wifi dependent a simple solution for 3 or 4 way applications no programming.

  2. Anthony Potter on said:

    Good point @Stewart Austin. I tried a Belkin WeMo system and it worked ok as long as the stuff wasn’t too far from my wifi router. My house isn’t that large, but when you rely on wifi, every wall, every cordless phone, even your neighbors wifi networks can interfere. Just another level of complexity to deal with. I found the Simply Automated products much more stable.

    Thanks for answering these questions! It really helps to have an active community out there.

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