WeMo belkin light switch amazon.com

Been checking on line amazon.com for simple 3 way light switch whats the difference wemo belkin light switch and anywhere switch.

3 comments on “WeMo belkin light switch amazon.com

  1. Stewart Austin on said:

    Belkin wemo switch provides basic ‘home automation’ via wifi for home diyer. Simply Automated anywhere switch is used by professionals and electricians to provide 3 or 4 way switch control without adding new wiring (uses powerline control), with accessories can also control appliances, motors, fans, ceiling lights/cans.

  2. I need to turn on/off a light at the rear of my home from my garage entry why is the anywhere switch better than belkin wemo?

  3. Stewart Austin on said:

    Hello Saul, the Anywhere 3-Way Switch Kit is the best solution for your needs, you simply replace each switch with Simply Automated’s switches and you’re done. No programming. You instantly have 3-Way switch control.

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