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Simply Automated Announces the Anywhere Virtual Scheduler-Timer for

Automating Control of Residential and Landscape Lighting

SAN DIEGO, CA – March 31, 2015–, Simply Automated, an industry

leader in home lighting automation and control, announces immediate availability of the new

Anywhere Virtual Scheduler-Timer for automating control of residential and landscape lighting.

The Anywhere Virtual Scheduler-Timer (model UCS-V0) with astronomical clock enables automatic,

scheduled control, turning on/off lights, appliances, pumps, motors, fans, or heaters anywhere

around the home.

Combine with Anywhere 3-way Virtual Switch Kit (V3WAY-A), Anywhere Switch (US1-V0),

Anywhere Wire-In Relay Module (UFR-V0), Anywhere Plug-In Relay Module (UMA-V0), or Anywhere

Receptacle Outlet (URD-V0) to control 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or more lights or appliances throughout the


The Anywhere Scheduler-Timer plugs into a standard 120VAC outlet and can replace existing

mechanical timers to provide virtual remote lighting and appliance control. It incorporates a realtime

astronomical clock that knows sunrise and sunset based on ZIP code (or Latitude/Longitude).

Maintains time for up to one week without power, if there is a temporary power outage or seasonal

change (daylight savings time). There is no need to reset the clock, automatically works as


Easy to use buttons allow the user to set time and events. Controls Anywhere Switches and

Accessories using the 32 events, 3 schedule modes (Run, Vacation and Alternate Vacation) and up

to 10 communication channels. Any number of Anywhere devices can be on a channel. Use the

‘Add/Delete Channel’ function to add a secondary channel to Anywhere Switches and Accessories.

This enables switches and accessories to respond to two channels, enabling ‘All On/Off’

functionality and more.

A reliable and economical solution to replace mechanical timers, that don’t always keep correct

time and need to be reset. Used in landscape lighting and fountain/pump applications, as well as

providing automated indoor lighting control when at home or away. Works well in hot-water

circulating pump applications. Can be used as a hand held controller to manually turn on/off lights,

appliances and other loads. Endless possibilities…

About Simply Automated

Simply Automated, an industry leader in home automation and lighting control, offers the broadest,

most cost effective, flexible assortment of lighting and home automation products in the

marketplace. No new wiring is required, making our products ideal for both new and retrofit

construction. An extensive line of ultra-reliable UPB-based control modules, transceiver switches

and in-wall controllers allow simple, low cost installations, and provide advanced applications not

applicable to RF-based systems. For additional information we invite you to visit www.Simply- Or you can contact us by phone during regular business hours at (800) 630-9234.


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