Where to buy PCS Pulseworx upb lighting control products?

Where can I buy PCS Pulseworx upb lighting control products?  pcslighting.com Is amazon.com the best place?  amazon.com  Where to buy

4 comments on “Where to buy PCS Pulseworx upb lighting control products?

  1. PaulC on said:

    Why PCS Pulseworx? There are many better alternatives, check out Lutron, if you want to stay with UPB technology, I use Simply Automated for all my installs.

  2. Jon Bryant on said:

    Agreed PaulC. I have had nothing but trouble with PCS Pulseworx. Simply Automated is the best on the market. You can’t beat UPB for home automation.

  3. Plus, Simply Automated stuff is generally less cost than PCS
    makes no sense why someone would pay more for inferior product from a tier 2 supplier with poor support.

  4. H.Tern on said:

    Did quite a bit of research lots of feedback most negative about PCS Pulseworx upb lacking support Simply Automated upb lighting control just works my time is worth a lot to me would rather spend it doing something fun than figuring out why my switch isn’t talking to my light, repeatedly called PCS no help.

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